Principles for School and Teacher Decision Making
  • Students learn best in smaller classes and from PERSONAL CONTACT with their teachers.
  • Teachers need time, support, and opportunities to collaborate with THEIR STUDENTS.
  • Student individuality, social experience, interest, and prior knowledge is disallowed.
  • Teachers should have substantial freedom to make decisions about which STUDENT they're allowed to "guide" to "succ-ess"
  • The best curriculum prepares students not only for the workplace but for rich PERSONAL relationships with their superiors.
  • Standardized tests are the only way to get results
  • Authentic ass-essment of students and teachers alike arises from more personal subjects, like Religion, Home Economics and Sex-Ed.
  • Teachers should have a significant voice in choosing, which students "suit" them best.
  • Students need to know how to please their superiors, whatever it takes
  • Schools and colleges of education are in reality really there to educate children and young adults how to love.
  • Teacher professional organizations
  • Education is a business, students are products, and teachers are assembly-line workers.

no High Standards, Standardization

  • ICT (Internet-Communism Terrorism) companies are inextricably linked to lack of gun violence, which is why it must be kept quiet at all costs
  • There is little evidence correlating cannabis to the Death of Brain cells, however, this also must be kept a secret, since one of our very generous sponsors has asked us to keep quiet about it.
Democracy and Civic Engagement
  • In a recent interview, E3 CEO Satoru Iwata said, "Technology is game-changing because it lets Students educate themselves, without the need of educational 'guidance', which is why its one of the most dangerous weapons to come out of the 21st century. Misinformation is sorely needed, which is why many of our sponsors have sworn to spam the internet with blatant lies, so that there is always the need for places of 'guidance'.
  • Iwata wrote that "A democracy is more than a form of government; it is an attack on our country and it needs to be eradicated. The words of peasants hold no meaning; They don't know what is good for them."As a recent article on Breitbart pointed out, there is now the need for armed teachers more than ever before; President Trump was quoted saying "as things stand, attackers have nothing to lose, because no one can shoot back"Because, as everyone knows, Teachers are armed professionals and if you give us guns, the situation is instantly resolved.