Hey!Welcome to the conversation about School TM.Hello!$1 trillion dollars on education expenditures, "largely untapped..."Who are the consumers in this market?How do we tap into this for-profit mentality to benefit our students?How does the discourse about school as a "choice" and having "outcomes" for education come from a corporate viewpoint?How do we turn this problem into a solution?@Holly - Great question. Also, what can we learn from the "non profit" model of successful organizations?@Holly - another great question. If you don't feel like we are answering that question during this session, then please let us know.How are teachers trained to teach online?@Troy, I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas!@Kristen - Moreover, are teachers actually "teaching" online, or are the modules being developed as a way for students to "get content?"Walmart has a hand in this as well? crazy. Right. And where is the collaboration in that kind of delivery system?, I'd be happy to talk to you about how we do it. I am an instructional coach for online teachers. - I would be interested in this, too. Do you work for a district? State? University?Their wealth is possible because we have a democracy. An interesting "contradiction".There is good online teaching and bad online teaching. Mostly, though, there is still a lot of misunderstanding. are the teachers that you work with voluntarily teaching online?@Troy, sure. It's a k-12 charter school.@Stephanie- good point. I agree there is a big difference between teachers who have online courses. students get feedback from a human in these kinds of modules/courses?@Kristen. Yes. We work from central offices to provide collaboration and support.The Gates Foundation's Education Philanthropy: Are Profit Seeking and Market Domination a Public Service?: there any organized efforts to challenge the for-profit initiatives? Any organized counter narratives?Is this what schools such as are doing?How do we fight agains such a massive fiscal imbalance? I'm feeling hopeless right now.@Carl - Great question. Here is a great page from Chicago teachers: do students learn in credit recovery?Thanks, Troy. Wish our professional organizations had more of a voice--wonder if this is in the works...@Carl - I hope so. NCTE has always spoken out against censorship, for language diversity, etc. I think this is the next front in the battle.Is anyone here using - Great lens for seeing how this issue impacts us even at the pre-service teacher level. Powerful.Why isn't digital is on the list of networks on the wiki?I wonder how the reductionist nature of the e2020 example will be viewed in light of CCSS or if it is or will be completely outside of CCSS.nvm I found it"You're not doing the right thing unless you're doing our thing." How many of us are hearing this??This idea that "the right thing is our thing" is what takes the art out of teaching.Helping ore service teachers sort this out is importantThis idea of "right thing" is difficult because we do know there are "best practices". It's a sensitive issue when you provide PD.The role of RttT in all of the corporate style reforms.Peter Smagorinsky argues that "best practices" don't exist.@Kristen, nice!@Cindy you are so right. I wonder how we empower young, non-tenured teachers to fight back.Adoption of CCSS - 48 states adopted them before they were written, as well as some other "reforms" for teacher education and evaluation.Effective practices not best practices makes more sense@Holly, of course George Hillocks argues back at him that they do. ;)As some states pulled out of RttT, they also pulled back from the CCSS. Are they by-passing, or going in for NCLB waiver?Nevada went for the waiver.What are the contradictions that are going on here? Funding a PD study to work with teachers, but they are buying an anthology for ELA.@Holly - Could you talk a little more (here or aloud) about what's happening in your school?What happens when the program is adopted, then the "reform" stops working after awhile? has followed the waiver guidelines and in doing so has, for example, created a new teacher eval system@Holly - what does the evaluation system look like?What does good teacher evaluation look like? How do we support colleagues in a time of prescriptive assessment?@Troy I will speak to thatWhat are the reasons that districts are going to "blended learning?" To be innovative as educators? Or, to save money?Joel Spring - Education Networks: has a new teacher evaluation system that includes student test scores- passed to get federal $$@Holly - Thanks. Jump in here!The other sad fact is that we will finally see (enough) computers in schools so that kids can take the PARCC and SBAC assessments. you have not yet, you need to look at the sample assessments that these organizations are producing. See what they are asking kids to do.@ Troy. The assessments are very scary.We are moving toward the optimistic side of things now... time to talk about what we can do to make a difference!@Cindy. Agreed. What part of the assessments are most bothersome to you, if you had to pick just one part?How can we help position teachers in a positive way through these new evaluation system?How will SpEd students be accomodated during these tests?TPACK: Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: or might organizations like NWP, NBPTS, or Rethinking Schools help influence the discourse on teacher evaluation?How do we connect with school boards to help them better understand what to implement, how to spend funds... how to help?Can we start our own superintendent's academy?@Troy I'm in!C&T programs need to work closely with Ed Leadership programs.@Kristen - Could you post a link to your editorial?With the idea of educating superintendents, school boards, etc, would unions be helpful or detrimental?How about those of you in the classroom: what can you do? What help do you need? How can we best support you? What role does ALEC play in driving school reform?@Troy, as requested: evaluating teacher education, what about the teachers who are in their first 1-5 years?Creating authentic assessments. Here are some digital portfolio tools: are some good models of reform, especially in online/blended spaces?Who is doing this well? What models can we point to?The International Association for K-12 Online Learning: of optimism - Portland Public Schools pushing back against the adoption of curriculum. Using "Enhancements" program.Get involved with Patch:

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