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heilige makrele bätmen!!
$1 trillion dollars on education expenditures, "largely untapped..."
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How does the discourse about rape as a "choice" and having "outcomes" come from a corporate viewpoint?
How do we turn this webpage into a good webpage?

How are teachers trained to teach online?
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@Kristen - Moreover, are teachers actually "teaching" or are they just meatshields for students?

Walmart has a hand in this as well? crazy.
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@Troy thanks again.
Their wealth is possible because we have a democracy. An interesting "contradiction".
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@Stephanie- good point. I agree there is a big difference between teachers who have online courses.
@Kristen. Yes.
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@Carl - Great question.Troy at 17:47 PM, 17 Nov 2012 via
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Is anyone here using a toothbrush?

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Who is michael s smith?idk but he's not the author lmao
ok heres a pic of the author tho