No Way Out
By René
I’m wearing thin
I’m stuck in this life of sin.
I don’t know where I’m going,
all I know is where I’ve been
I know I don’t want to be there anymore
And the worst part is I can’t figure what I’m crying for.
For my mom and her broken family?
For the girl I feel can’t stand me?
For my dad and his piece of shit truck?
“The man” knows we have it hard.
And he don’t give a fuck!
I was thinking about life the other day,
Thinking how there has to be a better way,
Then just living day to day
Pay to Pay
You try to better your self,
But they just say, “no way”
You’re trying not to whine,
Trying, not to pout.
Do your best to get past the fear
And doubt.
But all you here them say is
Get the fuck