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"Right-wing fundamentalists and corporate ideologues are not just waging a war against the rights of unions, workers, students, women, the disabled, low-income groups and poor minorities, but also against those public spheres that provide a vocabulary for connecting values, desires, identities, social relations and institutions to the discourse of social responsibility, ethics, and democracy, if not thinking itself."
"The key pillar of [Jeb] Bush's [brother of George W. Bush and former governor of Florida] plan is to make sure virtual education isn't just a new option for taxpayer money but a requirement" (16)."Bush's Foundation for Excellence in Education is funded by online learning companies: K12 Inc, Pearson... Apex Learning (a for-profit on-line learning company launched by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen), Microsoft and McGraw Hill... Blackboard... Bill Gates Foundation... Dell Foundation" (16-7).Rupert Rupert Murdoch has "called [education] a $500 billion sector in the US alone that is desperately waiting to be transformed" (17).
"The education-industrial complex can now be defined as networks of ideological, technophile, and for-profit entities that seek to promote their beliefs, ideas, products, and services in furtherance of their own goals and objectives" (2)."Democratic control [over schools] slipped away as the federal legislation No Child Left behind opened an era of national curriculum standards and mandated testing" (4)."In the past 20 years, corporate America has become more involved in and tried to wield more influence on educational policy than was ever the case in the past. Major companies and their officers have become outspoken on their views of American education and geared many of their positions to influence overall educational policy but also to benefit their products and services" (7).
"First, it should be noted that all of the above people have an economic interest and/or disposition to favor global schools adopting ICT [information communication and technology] for managing student data, producing and scoring tests, and online instruction. Both ICT owners and managers within school systems have an economic interest in selling products and/or ensuring the importance of their jobs. Second, owners and managers of ICT companies and those whose jobs in institutions like schools involve managing ICT have a disposition to see the world through the lens of data processed by computers. I am using the phrase “disposition to see the world” to indicate one aspect of what I am calling the digital mind.”
"How did it happen that teachers and teacher educators came to talk about teaching and learning in ways that mimick how accountants, bankers, and salespeople talk about business? The easy answer is to blame the quarter of a century rule by conservatives and neoliberal business elites. The harder work is to fathom how and why educators themselves not only were led astray but also embraced practices and discourses that stripped themof their professional authoty, failed to acknolege their inner lives, and impoverished their teaching. Teaching by Numbers attempts to map the transformation that has occured and to understd why we teachers and teacher educators allowed it to happen."

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